RORγ Agonists

Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer 2015 (Poster) RORγ Agonists Enhance Survival and Memory of Type 17 T Cells and Improve Anti-tumor Activity. Xiao Hu, Jacques Moisan, Kinga Majchrzak, Chuck Lesch, Yahong Wang, Brian Sanchez, Xikui Liu, Rodney Morgan, David Mertz, Dick Bousley, Chad Van Huis, Don Skalitzky, Clarke Taylor, Thomas Aicher, Peter Toogood, WeipingZou, Gary Glick#, Chrystal Paulos, Laura Carter.

2015 Novel American Association of Immunologists – Oral Presentation and Poster Presentation. RORγ Agonists Enhance Anti-Tumor Activity of Adoptive T Cell Therapy. Jacques Moisan, Kinga Majchrzak, Xia Hu, Rodney W Morgan, Xikui Liu, Kellie M Demock, Yahong Wang, Chuck A Lesch, Brian M Sanchez, Dick Bousley, Clarke B Taylor, Chad A Van Huis, Don J Skalitzky, Tom D Aicher, Peter L Toogood, Weiping Zou, Gary D Glick, Chrystal M Paulos, Laura L Carter

2015 American Association for Cancer Research – Poster Presentation. RORg Agonists as a Novel Immunotherapy Approach for Cancer. Xiao Hu, Jacques Moisan, Charles Lesch, Yahong Wang, Xikui Liu, Rodney Morgan, David Mertz, Brian Sanchez, Dick Bousley, Clark Taylor, Chad van Huis, Don Skalitzky, Thomas Aicher, Peter Toogood, Weiping Zou, Gary Glick, Laura Carter

2015 Keystone Symposia Conference – Tumor Immunology (Poster). Novel oral RORγ agonists demonstrate anti-tumor efficacy in the 4T1 breast cancer model. Jacques Moisan, Xiao Hu, Rod Morgan, Xikui Liu, Kellie Demock, Yahong Wang, Chuck Lesch, Brian Sanchez, Dick Bousley, Clarke Taylor, Chad Van Huis, Don Skalitzky, Tom Aicher, Peter Toogood, Weiping Zou, Gary Glick, Laura Carter

Nature Chemical Biology 2015. Sterol metabolism controls Th17 differentiation by generating endogenous RORγ agonists. Xiao Hu, Yahong Wang, Ling-Yang Hao, Xikui Liu, Chuck A. Lesch, Brian M. Sanchez, Jay M. Wendling, Rodney W. Morgan, Tom D. Aicher, Laura L. Carter, Peter L. Toogood and Gary D. Glick

Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer 2014 (Poster). Novel synthetic RORγ agonist compounds as a potential anti-tumor therapeutic approach. Xiao Hu, Xikui Liu, Rod Morgan, Jacques Moisan, Ling-Yang Hao, Yahong Wang, Brian Sanchez, Charles Lesch, Dick Bousley, Clark Taylor, Chad van Huis, Thomas D. Aicher, Peter Toogood, Weiping Zou, Gary Glick, Laura Carter


ATPase Modulators

Digestive Disease Week 2014 (Presentation). Modulation of the F1F0-ATPase Induces Apoptosis of Mouse and Human Lamina Propria T-cells and Is Efficacious in Models of IBD. Luigi Franchi, Ivan Monteleone, Rodney Morgan, Anthony W. Opipari, Laura Carter, Gary Glick, Giovanni Monteleone

Digestive Disease Week 2014 (Poster). F1F0-ATPase Modulation Is Efficacious in Models in IBD and Induces Apoptosis of Human CCR9+ Gut-Tropic T-cells. Luigi Franchi, Kelan A. Hlavaty, Ivan Monteleone, Rodney Morgan, Kelli Porzondek, Brian Sanchez, Charles Lesch, Mark A. Spahr, Corrin Hepburn, Anthony W. Opipari, Giovanni Monteleone, Gary Glick, Laura Carter, Peter D. Higgins

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RORγ Antagonists

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2015.  “RORγt inhibitors suppress TH17 responses in inflammatory arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.”  Jelle de Wit, , M. Hussein Al-Mossawi, Michael H. Hühn,  Carolina V. Arancibia-Cárcamo, Karen Doig, Benjamin Kendrick, Roger Gundle,  Peter Taylor, Terri Mcclanahan, Erin Murphy, Hongjun Zhang, Ken Barr, J. Richard Miller, Xiao Hu, Thomas D. Aicher, Rodney W. Morgan, Gary D. Glick, Dennis Zaller, Craig Correll, Fiona Cowrie a d Paul Bowness